Plan A Nature Trip With Family To Puducherry

Wide concourses, seafront walkways, stunning beaches, magnificent French architecture, and spiritual places make Pondicherry a travel destination that is worth visiting. This picturesque city is an erstwhile French Colony and is a perfect blend of European and Indian styles. Clean beaches and fresh air, Pondicherry is one of those places which is ideal for a nature trip. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this little town has plenty of natural beauty. All you need to do is have the places to visit chalked out on your travel list. It is a great place to bond over with your loved ones.

When planning the trip, don’t forget to make a reservation at Club Mahindra Puducherry Resort. Constructed in Titanium Oxide amidst dry green forest, the resort is absolutely eco-friendly. Make yourself comfortable in the beautiful studio apartments overlooking the sea and the gardens. Relax by the poolside or hang out at the bar, there are plenty of choices for you to unwind. Relish the local dishes at the in-house restaurant, Sea Shellz or unwind at the bar. Play in the sand or rejuvenate your senses at the spa after a long day. The warm staff at the resort takes great care of all the guests. You can experience all of these by becoming a member paying the Club Mahindra Membership fees. You can go through numerous Club Mahindra reviews to find more about this place.

Head to the Pondicherry Beach which is a paradise for all tourists. You can enjoy a host of activities which are organised at the seashore; they include beach volleyball, trekking, catamaran rides and many more. On the other side of the beach are the backwaters which are known for its treehouses. One of the noteworthy places to visit is the Puducherry Botanical Garden where you can get to see the beautiful flowers, fountains, and trees. It houses as many as 1500 varieties of plants from all over the world. If you are there on a weekend, you can also enjoy musical fountain shows.

Chunnambar River is also widely popular among tourists for its glistening backwaters. It is a great place for picnicking with your families. There are a number of boathouses that you can hop on to and enjoy a short stay in. If you like morning walks, then the Promenade is a lovely option. This seafront, designed in a French style, promises you all the quiet and the calm. Listen to the sound of the gushing waves and feel the breeze touch your face. Puducherry is purely a retreat for all the nature lovers who wish to lose themselves in the company of nature.


Top Five Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Dubai

Whether you have a penchant for Middle Eastern culture and traditions, or a desire to explore every city in the world, Dubai is one place that has got to be on your wish-list of places to visit throughout the world. From the majestic sky-scrapers to the many attractions the city is famous for, there are quite a lot of places to visit in Dubai.

From splendid walks around the streets of Dubai to shopping at kiosks, your visit to Dubai will be exciting and fun-filled, only if you have a proper itinerary at place. Planning an itinerary does not require expert advice, but selection of accommodation does. To resolve this, Club Mahindra Arabian Dreams in Dubai offers a royal stay packed with best of the comforts and luxuries to make your vacation truly special. By simply checking the Club Mahindra reviews, you can know the luxuries and amenities available at this place.

And when it comes to planning an itinerary, here are some of the best places to check out in Dubai, if you are travelling there for the first time:

Palm Jumeirah

One of the most interesting things to witness in Dubai are the palm islands created in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Although the smallest of the three palm-shaped islands, Palm Jumeirah is the first one to be created. It is this island that brought in a rapid upsurge in the number of people visiting Dubai. Populated with celebrities and millionaires, taking a ride around this majestic island will surely fill your camera with some amazing pics.

Ski Dubai

Ensconced in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is a popular attraction for those who love snow. The indoor ski resorts boasts of mountain slopes and amenities akin to snowy regions. You can ski, throw snowballs at one another, ride on the sleigh, and do everything you ever wanted to do at a destination receiving snowfall.

Dubai Dolphinarium

For those of you who admire dolphins and want a chance to look at a few, heading to the Dubai Dolphinarium should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do here. Air-conditioned and well-equipped, this place attracts millions of tourists who love to see the Dolphin shows and Seals.

The World Islands

Exquisitely designed and created, the World Islands in Dubai is an archipelago of islands that resemble the entire world. Truly magnificent to behold, the island is a must-visit if you are visiting Dubai for the first time.

Bastakiya District

Giving you a glimpse of the ancient history of Dubai, Bastakiya district abounds in traditional monuments and architecture that are a delight to behold. Heading to the museum here can also be a great way to know more about the city.

These are a few places to tick off your itinerary, once you set your feet in Dubai.

Amazing Alleppey for Peace Seekers

How does a lovely vacation, overlooking some of the most amazing sights, sound when you are deeply engrossed in work? Relieving, doesn’t it? So why not kindle this thought for the coming weekend by taking a trip to a wonderful nature’s backdrop – the amazing Alleppey.

Blessed with natural greenery and favourable weather, there are several reasons why you should travel to this place on a weekend. Considering the beauty of this place, Club Mahindra offers holiday opportunities to eager vacationers by providing a multi-amenity resort for accommodation.

Club Mahindra Alleppey

If you wish to go on a peaceful vacation that lets you bask in the beauty of your surroundings as you unwind from all the stress, Alleppey is the place for you. From the calming backwaters to the mesmerising island out here, your stay at the resort is bound to be an unforgettable one.

When it comes to retreating in the evening, Club Mahindra resorts has comfortable bedrooms and studio rooms. To relieve your mind and body from accrued stress, you have access to the spa as well as the swimming pool here. Health conscious ones can work on their muscles at the gym, while food lovers can feast on the numerous delicacies served at the in-house restaurants.

Keeping the luxury amenities, which every tourist will love to indulge and enjoy, aside, you can head out of the resort to take a look at the gorgeous views surrounding this place. There are several spots that interest the tourist here, and you can titillate your taste-buds with the diverse local food offerings and delicacies here. For the sea-food lovers, this place is nothing less than the culinary paradise that allows you to tease your taste buds with scrumptious Keralite dishes. From the lip-smacking sea-food to the coconut and rice assorted cuisine, you are surely in for the treat of a lifetime at Alleppey.

Club Mahindra Alleppey resort is one of the few water-front resorts that provides access to water-sport activities. Boating, a motor boat cruise, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and backwater boating are just a few of the many activities here for fun-lovers. The trampoline within the premises and other interesting games will surely keep your young ones entertained while you are indoors.

Planning an outdoor trip in Alleppey is easy with the itinerary experts at the resort. A visit to the Alleppey beach is bound to add to the fun, whether you plan on getting soaked in the waters or not. A stroll along the Pathirmanal Island or a tour of the Kumarakom bird sanctuary are a few things that you can engage in.

With all of this to turn your vacation into a fun-filled one, who would expect to leave this place. So, make sure you check out the Club Mahindra membership fees and reviews to make your dream holiday to Alleppey a reality.

Enjoy Holi Celebrations with Club Mahindra

Indians have a rich cultural history and some of the most interesting, lively and colorful festivals. One of the most anticipated of these is the Holi celebration. Every year, the lighting of the bonfire on Holi night is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil, which is derived from the story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashipu. The following day marks Rangpanchami, which is quite literally the ultimate celebration of colors and love.  And what better way to express abundant love than to participate in a mélange of song, dance and colors?


Holi is traditionally a time to take a break from the rigors of life, down a glass or two of Bhang, and let yourself loose as you use your friends’ and families’ faces as a canvas. It is also the best time to take these loved ones on a mini-vacation. After all, March does not present many holiday opportunities so you should make the most of what you have, right? Be a little spontaneous, make use of the very reasonable Club Mahindra membership fees for plans, and go on a stress-free, memorable holiday.

Still a little iffy? Consider this; the different colors of Holi represent diversity. It’s clearly time for you to take the hint and experience this diversity firsthand. Surround yourself with the ones who bring out the best in you and go explore places you’ve never been to before, living life the way it’s meant to be lived. There are so many mountains you could be climbing, so many waterfalls you could be bathing under, so many exotic species of birds and animals you haven’t seen, so many languages you haven’t yet heard. Club Mahindra has luxurious resorts in numerous locations, so you can do all this and much more. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vibrant festival of Holi among new cultures with new friends. Doubtless you’ll come back feeling pleasantly refreshed and give Club Mahindra raving feedback. In the words of Ellie Goulding, ‘What are you waiting for?’ Take a trip to any of the Club Mahindra resorts today and make some happy memories this Holi.

International Holiday Destinations with Club Mahindra Resorts

Club Mahindra, with its many luxury resorts, has been offering exciting holiday opportunities to families all over. Apart from the multiple resorts in India, those abroad too, have enjoyed immense popularity due to the many activities they offer.
Nestled in some of the most exotic places, the resorts offer comfort and luxury that is unparalleled. Here are some of the international Club Mahindra resorts that will make your dream vacation a reality.

Arabian Dreams, Dubai


With Dubai being a hotspot for every traveller and vacationer, Arabian Dreams provides the best of the accommodations while you revel in the luxury. The impressive décor of the resort and the warm hospitality of the staff make the place a haven to take abode in. The rooms are furbished with state-of-the-art amenities that help one relax. One can also laze around beside the roof-top swimming pool or head to the gym to workout. With scrumptious middle-eastern delicacies to savor and adventurous activities such as diving, reef gazing, desert safari, Dhow ride & creek cruise to try out, Arabian Dreams is the perfect dream-holiday destination.

Mac Boutique Suites, Bangkok


The city that never sleeps, Bangkok is the ideal vacation destination for those who are always animated and full of life. The Mac Boutique Suites by Club Mahindra welcome guests visiting Bangkok with open arms as they lavish these guests in all the luxuries they offer. The wonderfully furnished rooms and amenities make this resort worth the while. One can also visit all the marvellous monuments here that add to the charm of this city.

Heritage Suites, Malaysia


Ensconced in the thriving city of Kuala Lumpur, Club Mahindra Heritage Suites offers a picturesque view of the South Lake, giving it a tranquil feel. For those looking for a quiet holiday, this is the place to head to. Easily accessible, the resort has all the amenities required to make your stay comfortable. The play area gives your kids an opportunity to make friends, and you the chance to unwind. You can also head out on a city tour aboard the double decker bus. The scenic trails and attractions of this place are bound to tug at your heartstrings as you take in everything it has to offer.

By checking out the Club Mahindra membership details and going through the reviews, you can make your next holiday a memorable one.

Soak in the Lush Greenery of Coorg

Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a hill station located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. With lush green forests, gushing rivers, and coffee plantations, there is a lot this place has to offer. With its close proximity to Bangalore and the famous tourist destination of Mysore, this is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or even a full-fledged holiday considering the number of adventure as well as family related activities one can find there.


For the adventure seekers, there are a number of forest trails opening up to beautiful views, which will take your breath away. The thick forest cover has a rich variety of birdlife, which is definitely an enticement for the birdwatchers out there. There are also a number of treks in the surrounding hamlets, leading to the top of nearby mountain peaks, which provide a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery that this place abounds.


Coorg receives heavy rainfalls during the monsoon time and this channels large volumes of water into the rivers, making it suitable for adventure sports. If you are visiting Coorg post the monsoon rains, then you can also indulge in some white water rafting activity in the nearby Barapole River for the desired adrenaline rush.


For those of you looking to spend some quality time with your family, there’s no shortage of interesting things either. You can take a walk in one of the many plantations here and see how the common spices used in our everyday lives look like in their natural surroundings. From black pepper and turmeric to cardamom and cumin, all your taste-makers can be found here. There are also coffee plantations, where you can see and learn how the world’s favourite drink is manufactured right from scratch.


Dubare elephant camp is another fun filled place, where you can see how elephants are being raised and taken care of. You can indulge in daily activities like feeding them, bathing them, etc. This becomes an enjoyable experience for people from all age groups.


Club Mahindra is proud to own not just one, but two properties in this paradise called Coorg. Built in the lap of nature, you’d really be able to recognize yourself as a part of nature, whether you step into the balcony of your room, or take a walk in the resort trails. Sipping on some locally prepared fresh coffee; you can allow the welcoming staff at our resort to give you an experience of hospitality that you’ll never forget. So contact our team for the details of a Club Mahindra Membership today.

Best Places to Check in during the Dubai Shopping Festival!

The onset of the holiday season is known to bring plenty of cause for happiness and peace. You can finally take time off your work schedule and begin to plan jet-setting away with your loved ones on a well-deserved holiday. And with an increasing number of families being disenchanted with the monotony of tour packages in and around the country and its neighbours, purely an exceptional experience alongside your vacation would make the cut. The Dubai Shopping Festival, one of Asia’s largest shopping extravaganzas which takes place annually in Dubai, is one such example. So if this shopper’s heaven is your next getaway, Club Mahindra’s Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments are where you search will stop!

An introduction


One of the flagships of the Club Mahindra brand outside of the country, Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments is a perfect example of the hotel apartment module that has succeeded very well in the desert city. Hotel apartments are a cross between your luxurious hotels and budgetary hostels and homestays. So availing of this option will allow you to get the best of both worlds, without breaking the bank in Dubai’s peak tourist season!



Built in the quintessential Arabian style of architecture, the hotel shares its quarters with other accommodative options. Moreover, with spacious rooms designed to make you feel at ease, checking-in will only naturally lead you to admire the comfort and quiet that the rooms are specifically geared for, as Club Mahindra reviews on the property will prove online.


Whether you indeed to go off to the festival on foot or have plans to rent a car, the hotel intends to handle everything for you and make it easier than ever. From a line of ready cabs waiting right outside to take you places, to the Al Fahidi Metro Station being one of the closest connections to the Dubai Metro system, with the staff helpful in booking both transport and sightseeing otherwise. Moreover, with the proximity of several eateries close by and even a grocery and convenience store, getting the goods or even getting yourself away for a spree is no longer a problem. Just go through the Club Mahindra feedback on these aspects and you’ll see for yourself!



On the rare times when you’d like to take breathers between maddening shopping and rest in the rooms, the property provides an enviable range of features you can immerse yourself in. From the rooftop swimming pool and Wi-Fi to the gymnasium that keeps you fit and raring to go, everything is in place to tend to you during the down-time of your stay. So trust Club Mahindra and check right into Arabian Dreams, wishing you had this reality every day!