About Club Mahindra Membership

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited has been offering enticing holiday membership options under the Club Mahindra brand since 1996. With over 170,000 members and a network of 40 incredible resorts in exotic locations around India and more around the world, there is no doubt that it is one of the most sought after vacation ownership programs in the country.
Understanding the Nuances of Vacation Ownership
Vacation Ownership is a concept where members are given a unique opportunity to stay at a property for a stipulated period of time each year. Here, more than one party holds the rights to each property and each member is permitted its usage depending upon time and availability.
What sets Club Mahindra apart from other such models is that while a quintessential vacation ownership agreement refers to a single property, this company allows you to gain access to 40 such properties all over India.
What Club Mahindra has to Offer
With a number of choices with regards to the type of Club Mahindra membership fee structure you want to sign up for, holidaymakers can find a vacation ownership plan best suited for their needs. The choices vary depending on the nature of accommodation you are looking for as well as the time of the year you intend to travel.
Membership Based on Time of Year
While going through Club Mahindra reviews you may notice that many existing members refer to their purple, red, white or blue memberships. Purple being the top tier – one must consider opting for purple membership if they tend to travel during peak seasons like festivals and special events. Those looking to travel during peak seasons prefer opting for the Red membership, especially families with small children. The White season is considered the one between the peak and the off-seasons. Finally, if your idea of a perfect vacation is getting some peace and quiet while the rest of the world is busy working, the Blue season is the one for you.
Membership based on Accommodation Type
With three options, 1 or 2 Bedrooms or Studio apartments, members are able to select an option that best suits their needs.. Furthermore, at an additional fee one can easily upgrade from a studio to a one bedroom depending on their travel situations.
Finally, some of the best Club Mahindra feedback talk is about the benefit of RCI affiliations that the members are able to enjoy. With access to over 4000 RCI affiliated resorts in over 100 countries, members are able to easily put on their globetrotting caps and begin exploring some amazing destinations!

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