Few Adventure Places in India that will Steal your Breath Away

For many of us, the definition of a holiday does not include only resting and whiling the time away in leisure and comfort. Some may like to engage in activities that will cause a rush of energy and kill the boredom. For individuals interested in such thrills, a holiday packed with adventure activities definitely recharges their spirits.

In India, there are several destinations where numerous adventure activities are available. However, if you are among the few who wish to enjoy lavish accommodation along with an adventure packed holiday, then Club Mahindra membership is one of the best options for you. By paying reasonable Club Mahindra membership fees as per the plan chosen, you enjoy access to 46 resorts at exotic destinations, where a variety of outdoor activities are available to appease your adventurer spirit.

To help you plan your adventure-packed holiday, here are some of the best places you can head to and try the most exciting adventure sports:



The ‘Paradise on Earth’ is famous for its winter sports. If you wish to enjoy some snow, adventure, and beauty together, Kashmir is the right place. You can do ice-skating, trekking, snowboarding, mountaineering, skiing and lots more. Go hiking in the pristine valleys or ice-skate along the frozen lakes. You can also enjoy Heli-skiing which is particularly famous in the region of Gulmarg. And as the sun sets, you can retreat back to houseboats offered by Club Mahindra.



The Himalayan Rivers such as Bhagirathi, Chanderbhaga, Ravi, and Satluj are the best rivers for those who wish to experience white water rafting. Enjoy the thrill of sailing over rapids. The turbulent waters offer a challenging yet thrilling experience to all. Kullu and Manali are also other options where you can go kayaking. Whether you are a beginner or professional, expeditions are available for every person. And after a tiring day out, you can enjoy luxurious accommodation at Club Mahindra White Meadows in Manali.



The peaks of the Greater Himalayas are ideal for climbing and mountaineering activities. Most of these areas are either covered by glacier-like snow or lush green forests. As you go up the rocky hill, breathe in the fresh air and witness the breath-taking beauty that overlooks beautiful meadows. Kumaon and Garhwal region offer a number of adventure sports such as hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, and mountaineering for you to engage in.



This state is famous for its backwaters and the ‘Flying Fox’ experience. Set out on this beautiful journey which begins from the hills and traverses through the rivers and valleys. The Flying Fox experience will present you with stunning views from above as you fly like a giant fox through them across the pristine valleys of Kerala. Mountaineering and valley crossing are the other adventure sports that you can try here.


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