Indoor Activities to Engage In At Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar

A trip to a marvellous hill station such as Mahabaleshwar is guaranteed to be an exciting experience. To make your experience at this place truly memorable, a stay at the Club Mahindra resort is recommended. The Club Mahindra Sherwood resort at Mahabaleshwar has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Whether you seek an adrenaline packed retreat or a light-hearted sojourn with your loved ones, this exquisite resort is the place to be. Nestled amidst the dense forests of Sahayadri Hills, this sprawling resort is spread across 8 acres of land. Replete with all the modern luxuries, the lavish resort is a great venue to unwind while surrounded by the glory of nature. Aside from enjoying the riveting landscape, your vacation cannot be considered complete without spending some peaceful moments with your family here. And when you are done relaxing, there are a few activities to engage in and while your time away. Let’s take a sneak peek into the delightful activities you can partake in while staying at the lavish Club Mahindra resort at Mahabaleshwar.


Swastha Spa

Who wouldn’t like to have some blissful moments of relaxation after an eventful day out? The Swastha Spa at the Club Mahindra is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate after you have had your fill of fun outdoors. The spa offers several invigorating treatments in a natural setting which is designed to de-stress and revitalize your body.

Indoor Games


Cannot go out due to weather or just don’t feel like it? No problem, staying indoors at the resort can be just as much fun as the outdoor activities. Indulge in an enjoyable game of chess or carom with your family at the holiday activity centre in the resort. The activity centre also features a Pool table, Foosball table and fun video games that can keep you engaged for hours.

Art and Crafts

The activity centre at the resort also lets you indulge in artistic hobbies such as candle making, jute art, bottle painting and Thermocol painting. Unleash the artist in you and you might just end up creating a beautiful work of art! You can always carry your work back home as a token of the beautiful moments spent at the resort.

As exciting as it sounds, this beautiful resort is accessible by Club Mahindra members. To know more about the Club Mahindra membership fees and privileges you can visit the club Mahindra website or walk into one of their offices. The website also features Club Mahindra reviews, which speak about the varied experiences of the Club Mahindra members.


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