Top Five Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Dubai

Whether you have a penchant for Middle Eastern culture and traditions, or a desire to explore every city in the world, Dubai is one place that has got to be on your wish-list of places to visit throughout the world. From the majestic sky-scrapers to the many attractions the city is famous for, there are quite a lot of places to visit in Dubai.

From splendid walks around the streets of Dubai to shopping at kiosks, your visit to Dubai will be exciting and fun-filled, only if you have a proper itinerary at place. Planning an itinerary does not require expert advice, but selection of accommodation does. To resolve this, Club Mahindra Arabian Dreams in Dubai offers a royal stay packed with best of the comforts and luxuries to make your vacation truly special. By simply checking the Club Mahindra reviews, you can know the luxuries and amenities available at this place.

And when it comes to planning an itinerary, here are some of the best places to check out in Dubai, if you are travelling there for the first time:

Palm Jumeirah

One of the most interesting things to witness in Dubai are the palm islands created in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Although the smallest of the three palm-shaped islands, Palm Jumeirah is the first one to be created. It is this island that brought in a rapid upsurge in the number of people visiting Dubai. Populated with celebrities and millionaires, taking a ride around this majestic island will surely fill your camera with some amazing pics.

Ski Dubai

Ensconced in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is a popular attraction for those who love snow. The indoor ski resorts boasts of mountain slopes and amenities akin to snowy regions. You can ski, throw snowballs at one another, ride on the sleigh, and do everything you ever wanted to do at a destination receiving snowfall.

Dubai Dolphinarium

For those of you who admire dolphins and want a chance to look at a few, heading to the Dubai Dolphinarium should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do here. Air-conditioned and well-equipped, this place attracts millions of tourists who love to see the Dolphin shows and Seals.

The World Islands

Exquisitely designed and created, the World Islands in Dubai is an archipelago of islands that resemble the entire world. Truly magnificent to behold, the island is a must-visit if you are visiting Dubai for the first time.

Bastakiya District

Giving you a glimpse of the ancient history of Dubai, Bastakiya district abounds in traditional monuments and architecture that are a delight to behold. Heading to the museum here can also be a great way to know more about the city.

These are a few places to tick off your itinerary, once you set your feet in Dubai.


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