Enjoy Holi Celebrations with Club Mahindra

Indians have a rich cultural history and some of the most interesting, lively and colorful festivals. One of the most anticipated of these is the Holi celebration. Every year, the lighting of the bonfire on Holi night is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil, which is derived from the story of Prahlad and Hiranyakashipu. The following day marks Rangpanchami, which is quite literally the ultimate celebration of colors and love.  And what better way to express abundant love than to participate in a mélange of song, dance and colors?


Holi is traditionally a time to take a break from the rigors of life, down a glass or two of Bhang, and let yourself loose as you use your friends’ and families’ faces as a canvas. It is also the best time to take these loved ones on a mini-vacation. After all, March does not present many holiday opportunities so you should make the most of what you have, right? Be a little spontaneous, make use of the very reasonable Club Mahindra membership fees for plans, and go on a stress-free, memorable holiday.

Still a little iffy? Consider this; the different colors of Holi represent diversity. It’s clearly time for you to take the hint and experience this diversity firsthand. Surround yourself with the ones who bring out the best in you and go explore places you’ve never been to before, living life the way it’s meant to be lived. There are so many mountains you could be climbing, so many waterfalls you could be bathing under, so many exotic species of birds and animals you haven’t seen, so many languages you haven’t yet heard. Club Mahindra has luxurious resorts in numerous locations, so you can do all this and much more. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vibrant festival of Holi among new cultures with new friends. Doubtless you’ll come back feeling pleasantly refreshed and give Club Mahindra raving feedback. In the words of Ellie Goulding, ‘What are you waiting for?’ Take a trip to any of the Club Mahindra resorts today and make some happy memories this Holi.


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