Best Places to Check in during the Dubai Shopping Festival!

The onset of the holiday season is known to bring plenty of cause for happiness and peace. You can finally take time off your work schedule and begin to plan jet-setting away with your loved ones on a well-deserved holiday. And with an increasing number of families being disenchanted with the monotony of tour packages in and around the country and its neighbours, purely an exceptional experience alongside your vacation would make the cut. The Dubai Shopping Festival, one of Asia’s largest shopping extravaganzas which takes place annually in Dubai, is one such example. So if this shopper’s heaven is your next getaway, Club Mahindra’s Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments are where you search will stop!

An introduction


One of the flagships of the Club Mahindra brand outside of the country, Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments is a perfect example of the hotel apartment module that has succeeded very well in the desert city. Hotel apartments are a cross between your luxurious hotels and budgetary hostels and homestays. So availing of this option will allow you to get the best of both worlds, without breaking the bank in Dubai’s peak tourist season!



Built in the quintessential Arabian style of architecture, the hotel shares its quarters with other accommodative options. Moreover, with spacious rooms designed to make you feel at ease, checking-in will only naturally lead you to admire the comfort and quiet that the rooms are specifically geared for, as Club Mahindra reviews on the property will prove online.


Whether you indeed to go off to the festival on foot or have plans to rent a car, the hotel intends to handle everything for you and make it easier than ever. From a line of ready cabs waiting right outside to take you places, to the Al Fahidi Metro Station being one of the closest connections to the Dubai Metro system, with the staff helpful in booking both transport and sightseeing otherwise. Moreover, with the proximity of several eateries close by and even a grocery and convenience store, getting the goods or even getting yourself away for a spree is no longer a problem. Just go through the Club Mahindra feedback on these aspects and you’ll see for yourself!



On the rare times when you’d like to take breathers between maddening shopping and rest in the rooms, the property provides an enviable range of features you can immerse yourself in. From the rooftop swimming pool and Wi-Fi to the gymnasium that keeps you fit and raring to go, everything is in place to tend to you during the down-time of your stay. So trust Club Mahindra and check right into Arabian Dreams, wishing you had this reality every day!


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