Make the Most of Your International Trips with Club Mahindra

Holidays are meant to be special and memorable; a notion that sits very well with Club Mahindra. With holiday resorts and hotels sprawling all over India, Club Mahindra has made the dream vacations of several people a reality with their holiday ventures and offers. Having over 45 resorts spanning across India as well as abroad, Club Mahindra has been one of the most trusted holidaymakers for families and friends since years.

Over the last few years, Club Mahindra has become affiliated with several luxury resorts abroad that are known for being the best. From the amenities to the staff, one can be sure to have a pleasant vacation in any of the hotels and resorts that attempt to make your stay a memorable one. Here are some of the resorts abroad that you can revel in by being a member of Club Mahindra.

Club Mahindra Bangkok

Mac Boutique Suites Bangkok

With an interesting décor and contemporary furnishings that are the Mac Boutique Suites, Club Mahindra Bangkok welcomes its visitors on board to experience their culture and offers a peak into their heritage. With dance shows, canal tours, a trip into the Disneyland, along with tours of the Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha Temple, and Safari World, you can be sure to have the time of your lives with the facilities and amenities offered at Club Mahindra Bangkok.

Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments, Dubai


One of the amazing luxury hotels in Dubai, Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments, affiliated with Club Mahindra, offers comfortable accommodations for Club Mahindra members who are looking for a breath-taking place to holiday in. Dubai is the perfect destination for those who love quiet and peace as well as those who prefer roaming around in bustling cities.

Hotel Bon Alpina, Austria


Nestled among some of the most enthralling landscapes, Hotel Bon Alpina in Austria has been attracting visitors by the dozen with its enchanting ambience and décor. Affiliated with Club Mahindra, staying at the Bon Aplina offers you an opportunity to visit amazing sights like the Golden Roof, New Bergisel Ski Jump, Ambras palace, the Imperial Palace, the Hofkirche which is the imperial church, and Cathedral St. James. The gorgeous snow-capped mountains also make for a wonderful sight from the exhilarating ski lifts.

Heritage Suites, Malaysia


Making your holidays all the more special, the Malaysia Heritage Suites is ensconced along the edges of the South Lake at Mines Resort City. The tranquil, soothing atmosphere makes for a pleasant abode for those who wish to unwind and shrug off all the stress they may be burdened with while back home. While here, you can visit places like Rumah Pengulu Abu Seman, the National Theatre, Dataran Merdeka, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Gardens, Orchid Garden, and sanctuaries that are home to exotic species of flora and fauna.

You can also find out more about the resorts by checking out the Club Mahindra reviews and feedback, as well as the other Club Mahindra membership details, allowing you to have the time of your lives by holidaying with Club Mahindra.


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