Experience the Romance of Boat Houses with Club Mahindra!

The idea of a holiday may differ from person to person. While some of us may crave from uninterrupted luxury and convenience, others may well prefer a rugged experience that pushes their physical and mental limits. The sheer scope and variety of the kind of vacation a person can go on makes this prospect very thrilling. However, at the same time, there are certain kinds of holidays that can create and maintain a niche of their own, earning them a unanimous name; ‘a retreat’, where travellers take a step back from their everyday lives, switch off from connectivity, and take a complete break from all other activity.

This is where the intention of embarking on a water-bound holiday can seem like a brilliant idea. Be it on the backwaters of Kerala or the naturally mesmerizing lakes of Northern India, spending your time in the quintessential boat houses that keep your abode off land is an extremely rejuvenating experience.

Which is why if the traveller in you ever craves a need to spend his/her nights in the water, you should look no further than Club Mahindra’s numerous options across India, providing you accommodation on the famed boathouses for all water-based retreats.


For instance, if the thought of braving the chilly winds and sampling some ethereal mountainous beauty appeals to you, then Club Mahindra Srinagar provides you the perfect choice. Here, traditional Kashmiri hospitality is blended with modern amenities on your boathouse. To ensure that you have complete comfort, the boathouse includes facilities such as TV, coffee/tea-makers, and hot water, which are available round the clock for guests staying on the boat.

In fact, guests can avail of free pick-ups and drops before checking in to their accommodation and after checking out. However, going beyond the specifics, what makes the ‘floating palaces’, as they are called, so perfect is their unparalleled view of the snow-capped peaks that tower around Kashmir from the Dal Lake, as well as the lush green valleys while you snuggle in a blanket and sip on Kashmiri tea. Some must-dos while here include visiting Gulmarg and Pahalgam, staples for acknowledging the unreal beauty of this state.

However, if enduring the cold isn’t your cup of tea, then head ride down to God’s own country for the truest backwater experience. Kerala is home to innumerable lagoons and unending backwaters that either flow out to the sea or lakes such as the Ashtamudi lake.

True to this place, the Ashtamudi retreat has an inclusive houseboat cruise option, which has been described by reviewers and former patrons as ‘the perfect honeymoon setting’ as ‘stepping on it makes the world a more romantic place’. The cruise takes one around the entirety of the lake, stopping over small local villages where guests can visit and sample some local ways of life. Places to visit are the bustling market of Kollam City, Kollam beach and the adjoining lighthouse.


The same goes for Club Mahindra’s second property, at the tourist hub of Kumarakom, which is also the centre of origin of the world-famous Snake Boat race during Onam each year. There are several Club Mahindra Reviews that speak highly of this place. The houseboats here are among the best water-bound experiences in the world, with guests being treated to a magnificent view of the unending Vembanad Lake as the sun sets on the horizon. Moreover, the abundance of flora and fauna helps make it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Besides the cruise, one must check out the Kumarakom Wildlife Sanctuary and sample a massage back at the resort.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out your beach gear and head out on a surreal voyage, only with Club Mahindra!


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