Club Mahindra Resorts to Stoke Your Spirit of Adventure

More often than not, for most adventure lovers, a holiday retreat is largely dissatisfying. This is mainly because they are left wanting. Unless and until they have experienced the gripping fear and the adrenaline rush from dangling off a rope, hanging from a rock, or diving from a plane, they do not get a sense of fulfilment. Adventure has the effect of creating some psychological arousal. An adventure can be defined as an exciting or an unconventional experience. It involves bold, risk-taking activities, what most like to perceive as a test of nerves.

India is blessed with soaring peaks and mountains, captivating rivers, sweeping terrains and other wonders of the nature. This is the major reason why India has become an epitome for adventurous spots in the world. Be it East, West, North or South, the country has a variety of hot spots that provide the desired adrenaline kicks to the adventure addicts.

Club Mahindra highly respects the passion that drives the adventure enthusiasts, and has thus, set up some of the state-of-the-art resorts at the choicest of locations.

Club Mahindra Baiguney Resort:


Baiguney is an ideal destination for people who wish to elope from their daily hustle-bustle and stress of their daily life. The place is a treat to your eyes, thanks to its mesmerizing misty mountain peaks and stunning lakes. The resort is spread over 12 acres of waterfront and surrounded by lush green slopes and untouched natural sights. Club Mahindra Baiguney resort introduces you to some of the best visual experiences you will ever have in your life. You can go trekking into the wild, organise a camp around a campfire, or simply drift off to sleep under the blanket of spellbinding stars.

Club Mahindra Dharamshala:

At the foothills of Dhauladhar, lies the beautiful Dharamshala. This world-class resort is the perfect destination if you wish to have an adventurous retreat. The resort is just 4 kms away from the main market of Dharamshala. The view of the snow-clapped mountains from the back of the resort is utterly therapeutic for your senses. All adventure enthusiasts can head towards Mcleodganj, and then go on a trek to Triund and Ilaka Peak, where one can experience, touch, and feel the snow. You can also go for the Indru Nag temple trek, which is about 12-kilometer long, and takes you through the local village and provides you with a picturesque scenery.

Club Mahindra Munnar


Munnar is considered as one the finest creations by God in his own country: the magnificent state of Kerala. The place has a perfect setting that is sure to captivate all your senses and leave you in a state of awe and amazement. The place is high on the apex level for travellers and adventure enthusiasts all across the globe. It is an ideal destination for people who wish to indulge in adventure, retreat, family picnic, and honeymoon. At Munnar, you can make the most of historic locations such as the Wild Periyar Tour, Munnar Nature Tour, Wild Chinnar Tour, and Spice Plantations Tour.


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