How to Make the Best Out of Your Stay at Kanatal Resort

Kanatal is a quaint little settlement in the picturesque state of Uttaranchal. The place is located about 300 kilometers, or 6–7 hours, by road from Delhi. This serene location is perched at an altitude of over 8,500 feet, and is highly renowned for its spectacular view of the snow-clad Garhwal Himalayas and verdant forests.

The temperature at Kanatal is in the range of 10–25 degree Celsius during summer and between −5 and −18 degrees in winter. It is a perfect place to retreat from dust-laden and overcrowded cities and towns. The best time to visit Kanatal is between the months of December and February. During this period, you can experience over 50 inches of powdered snow, turning this beautiful landscape into a wonderland.

Club Mahindra appreciates the beauty this place has to offer and thus had thoughtfully constructed a state-of-the art resort for all its members. The resort is sure to add more grace into your holidaying experience, as it is located at the prime spot, surrounded by stunning snow covered hills and beautiful skies.

The resort also provides you with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to keep you and your family indulged during your stay here. Let us look at some of the indoor activities.

Indoor activities:


Club Mahindra makes sure that every member of your family is reaping the most of the offerings. The workshops at Club Mahindra resorts help you find new passion or simply refine an old one. You can have unlimited fun while learning to cook exotic cuisines from the resort chefs, baking your own pots and even make puppets and put up your own show. You can even take the guidance of FunRovers and choose from the many other activity workshops.

Virtual World:

Virtual world is a paradise for gaming lovers.  You can feel the adrenaline of racing at over 200mph, fly a jet plane, and even have a giant ape fight a dinosaur. You can also compete with the world’s best athletes by indulging in different sports themed games and show off your skill set.


Stay active by inviting some healthy competition. Club Mahindra provides you with cricket and golf sets, badminton racquets, football and much other sporting equipment. If you are more the merrier person, you can also have the FunRovers to join you in your sport of interest.


Challenge your strength and endurance by participating in this exciting activity. Come out of your comfort zone and step off the edge for a real stimulating experience. Break free from your routine and conquer new avenues which you never thought you could.

Let us move on to some of the best sight-seeing places around Kanatal:

Tehri Dam

Built around the union of River Bhagirathi and Bhilangna, the Tehri Dam is a place one cannot afford to miss. While at New Tehri, you can also visit the Pant Research Institute, which is highly renowned for exotic variety of flora.

Kodia Jungle

Walk through a levelled 8-kilometer track through dense forests that eventually leads to a beautiful spread of undulating hills and valley. Small natural springs guide your way, and if you are lucky, you will be assisted by few wild animals.


Mussoorie is a highly renowned tourist destination to charm its visitors with beautiful sceneries. The place shelters a lot of game centres, restaurants, and local shops. Undoubtedly, it is one of the must-visit places.


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