Best Forest Resorts by Club Mahindra

In the deepest caches of a jungle, forming a quiet refuge by the verdant greenery of lofty forest trees is a feeling most of us city dwellers long for. Your ears prick and you feel the chill down your spine every time you hear a distant roar of a wild beast lurking quietly up to its prey. Forest resorts are a perfect getaway for explorers and adventurous souls who yearn to break away.

Club Mahindra understands the deep-seated wanderlust of all such explorers and have mindfully constructed forest resorts at the most prime spots in India. Let us look at some of the best Forest Resorts by Club Mahindra.

Club Mahindra Corbett

The Club Mahindra Corbett resort is a perfect solution to fulfil all your nature-related adventures. The charming setting affords the guests with a warm welcome to the popular Corbett Safari Park.  The old-fashioned resort is designed to give its members a holiday experience they will never forget. The resort organises fun and adventurous activities like workshops, sports, creative corner, and bird watching. Corbett is highly celebrated for sight-seeing places such as Corbett Waterfall, Corbett Museum, Safaris, Marchula, and Tapkeshwar Temple.

Club Mahindra Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

Head towards Masinagudi to experience the full force of elemental thrill that exists in nature. This enormous sub-tropical natural reserve on the foothill of Nilgiris will help you attune and feel every single sense within you. The beautiful rustic resort abuts the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. The resort gives you brings you to the heart of nature. Masinagudi is a perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts.  You can go on a wildlife tour sitting atop an elephant. Ride along the beaten path and experience the beauty of jungle in all its natural splendour.

Club Mahindra Thekkady

If you think of Thekkady, all you can imagine is the colourful images of elephants descending down in a trail, the never-ending expanse of the hills and plantations with the intoxicating aromas of spice. The place never fails to fill your senses with wonderment and awe. Sights and sounds from the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the mesmerizing Western Ghats, the perfect blend of modern extravagance makes Thekkady an addiction among travellers across the globe. The beautiful resort by Club Mahindra perfectly complements the beauty of Thekkady. Built in the traditional Indian ‘machan’ style, the resort promises you a truly transcendental holiday experience.

Come be a part of the prestigious membership and avail of the finest amenities Club Mahindra has to offer. Contact our sales department/fill up the form on this website to find out all about Club Mahindra membership fees and quickly enrol yourself.


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