Holidays in Binsar

Amongst the numerous scenic offerings of Uttarakhand, the hill station of Binsar is a truly a gem in itself.  Standing 2412 metres above sea level, Binsar is located just 30 kms away from the Almora hill station. Popular for its biodiversity, it is a perfect destination for nature lovers. Also It offers serenity to visitors as numerous temples are situated here.If you want to beat the summer heat with a pleasant climate, Binsar awaits you! During December, Binsar  experiences cold winters and one can enjoy picturesque beauty of snow-capped mountains all around.

Places to visit

  • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: The most famous site here to visit is the widespread wildlife sanctuary which is located at a height of 7913 metres aboveea level. Rich in its flora and fauna, it offers the visitors over 300 species of birds and animals. It is a territory of dense oak trees and medicinal herbs and plants. Part of the Corbett National Park, this sanctuary is all set to rekindle the love for nature within you.
  • Zero Point: The Zero Point is located within the sanctuary. It gives a panoramic view of Himalayan peaks covered with a blanket of snow. One may view the peaks of Kedarnath, Trishul and Nanda Devi from this point. The Zero Point is a half an hour walk uphill within the sanctuary.
  • Patal Bhuvaneshwar: This 6000-year old underground cave temple is a mysterious place which warrants a visit. This hidden pilgrimage comprises 65 temples dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. The prime shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Along with the stunning architecture of limestone caves, it offers enchanting stalagmite formations.
  • Chaukori: Chaukori is a lush landscape  comprising of forests  and tea gardens. The aroma of the place fills you with the essence of tea. One must sit back and relish flavorful tea of tea here.
  • Bineshwar Mahadev temple: This is the famous temple from which Binsar valley derived its name. It is known for its archaeological importance. Built in the 9th century, it is believed to have been constructed in a single day. This monument with its old-world charm was built in the Chand Dynasty. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga are worshipped here.

Where to stay

One of the best places to stay in Binsar is the Club Mahindra Resorts. As you enter the alluring resort, you can witness architectural beauty that will remind you of the Gupta period. The resort is just 1  km away from the local tourist places like the sanctuary. Famous for its spacious rooms, Club Mahindra offers a scenic view with  nature in its complete glory. Club Mahindra reviews confirm that visitors enjoy a pleasant stay here.

Numerous activities await you at this plush resort – Games, music, sports, karaokeand  bird watching among other things, that will keep you and your little ones occupied. Various workshops like conducting multi-cuisines culinary sessions and making puppets give a lift to your creativeside. For those who crave some adventure on their holidays, there are camping, rappelling and trekking options available. Or one can just enjoy nature by taking a tranquil walk with their loved ones.

You can also describe your experience by entering your Club Mahindra feedback on its website.

In all, all of these amazing amenities and sights in and around the Binsar resort contribute in making your stay here,  a magical experience.


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