Pushkar Festival & Kumbhalgarh – A Royal Treat

The harsh heat of an Indian summer and the torrential South-West monsoons subside at the end of October to give way for clear blue skies and a cool breeze that marks the start of winter. It is during this season, that Rajasthan starts seeing many tourists, from around the world flock to experience the rich history, culture and heritage of one of India’s grand States. Among all the festivities, which there are plenty of, perhaps the most famous of all Rajasthani Festivals is the Pushkar Festival.Pushkar Festival:

The dramatic collage of diversified pictures of Pushkar mirrors the vibrancy for which the gracious state of Rajasthan is lionized. Festivals such as the Pushkar Fair elevate the already vibrant atmosphere here to another level. With a seamless blend of wonderful art and architecture from the bygone era, the Pushkar Fair creates a stir among the travelers with its awe-inspiring celebrations good enough to make everyone wide eyed.

The fair falls in the months of October – November. Historically, this fair, which lasts for a duration of five days, was the prime location for trading cattle including camels, horses, cows, goats, sheep etc. Once the trading of cattle gets completed, they are then bred and decked up with beautiful clothes and dazzling ornaments for public displays.

An Incredible Atmosphere:

The thrilling fair coupled with activities such as cultural and musical events and thrilling camel safari tours create an incredible atmosphere here. Many choose to be here for the entire duration of the festival, thereby adding to the rich experience. Every year, the fair is celebrated with great joy and passion by the locals.


The centerpiece of this festival is the camel competition. An array of camels is adorned in the best way possible for awe-inspiring beauty contest. The owners leave no stone unturned in making their camels look dynamic and eye catching as the best-dressed camel wins the prize. The sights of beautifully decked up camels with their owners sitting on the backs are just astonishing and leave many jaws drop out of fascination.

Apart from this, traditional Rajasthani items such as  Ornaments of silver and bead necklace, garments, footwear and artifacts along with some fabrics from Ajmer are hugely popular as tourists want to take a piece of Rajasthan back with them to their home towns.

A visit to Pushkar during this period is no doubt magical. A great aspect of Pushkar is that it lies within close proximity of some of Rajasthan’s most amazing vacation spots. One of these is Kumbhalgarh. The small town, named after Kumbha of Mewar isn’t too far from Pushkar.  Its Fort is a World Heritage Site and was built in the 15th century.



Kumbhalgarh is a quintessential Rajasthani Retreat spot. The Rajputs ruled over this region in their heyday. Their influence with regards to their customs and their signature architectural style has still been retained in this town. The central theme of the architecture of this era was space & luxury – something most of us, who belong to urban towns and cities, need real bad. A holiday here, in the heartland of the Royal Rajputana Kingdom is sure to refresh, relax and inspire you.

The Kumbhalgarh Fort overlooks the entire town and is a testament to the might of the Rajputs. The Fort’s Southern Wall is also an impressive architectural feat; one of the longest structures in the world.

To soak in the vibe of Kumbhalgarh, a stay at a Rajput-era inspired resort is a must. Club Mahindra has a resort that’s only 260 metres from the awe-inspiring and legendary Kumbhalgarh Fort that captures and resonates with this exact sentiment.

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