Celebrate Onam in Style

Kerala is called God’s Own Country; and for good reason. Backwaters, palm trees, exotic beaches, picturesque hill stations, wildlife reserves, tea gardens and of course sprawling metropolises, Kerala has it all! No wonder then, Kerala is a destination of a lifetime. Kerala is a place that is amazing to visit throughout the year. But if there is a perfect time to visit, it’s during Onam.

A Festival like No Other:

The festival of Onam falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam, which in the Gregorian calendar translates to August or September every year. This year, Thiru Onam is on September 7 while Atham is on August 29. It’s a festival of Harvest and a time for sports, festivities and ritual celebrations. Keralites celebrate Onam to welcome their benevolent king and organize colorful aquatic festivals on the sacred Pampa River as part of the celebrations. This is the time for them to celebrate and rejoice. The festival last for many days and us that means that there’s so much to see during this time! We’ve picked out some things that you have to experience during this auspicious celebration:

Snake Boat race:

The Snake Boat races of Aranmula represent one of the most iconic moments of all festivals in India. Contrary to popular belief, the focus is on tradition than competition. The tradition stems from the fact that it commemorates the installation of the idol of Lord Krishna at the nearby Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. Almost 50 boats take part in the race, which starts in the afternoon after religious rituals are completed.

Experience the Signature Cuisine:

What would a trip to Kerala be without feasting on the delicious signature cuisine of Kerala? The amazing variety of food with over 20 different curries served on a banana leaf has become one of the most famous aspects of Kerala the world over. We recommend that you sample this for sure on Thiru Onam, i.e., the main day of festivities.

Pulikkali Tiger Play:

One of the most unique of all celebrations takes place near Thissur. Men dress up like Tigers and dance to the beat of ancient rhythms on the streets of Thissur. The dressing up part involves intricate design and takes hours to finish. At the end, there are prizes for the best dressed tiger and the best dance. This will take place in Thissur on September 11th.

Onam Holiday:

The festival of Onam creates an unbelievable vibe in the entire State. The best part about this festival is that it truly transcends the borders of religion and demographics. Also, the monsoon is in full swing during this time which adds to the beauty of this amazing place. Hence, holidaying in Kerala during this time is always amazing.

The great thing about Kerala is that there’s no shortage of amazing destinations for you to visit during this time. Take your pick, plan your vacation and head off on a memorable holiday, it’s going to be magical!


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