Magical Moments with Dad

When you look back on your life, you’ll realize that few people played a greater role in shaping you as the man or woman you are today than your father. Fathers are like a beacon of light that guide a ship through rough seas; they inspire you to scale greater heights and challenge you to do more and that’s why after all these years, the man you revere the most is the one who cradled you in his arms and never let go. This Father’s Day, we pay tribute to the men who made us who we are.

Gift a Holiday With Club Mahindra

Father’s Day:

Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and the influence of fathers on society. It’s celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 15th.

‘What do I get my father for this holiday?’ Do I get him a new watch, a new tech gadget that he could have fun with or do I splurge and get him a new car? Well, these are all great ideas but we have something that might invoke some thoughts in you. For a man who’s had such a big influence on your life, can something materialistic truly capture your gratitude towards him? Can an expensive watch truly compare to the magical moments, the amazing experiences you’ve had with him? Of course not!

Fathers Day at Club Mahindra

The Best Father’s Day Gift:

As you’ve taken a long winding road to the top and been successful, you’ve perhaps not had many moments to reconnect with your father for some time. On Father’s Day 2014, we urge you to change that. Spending time with your father would be amazing. Even if it’s for a few days, there’d be some amazing moments! Wouldn’t taking your dad to his favorite destination be awesome? Think about the lush green pastures of India’s most scenic spots, or the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, or the mysterious and unchartered towns hidden in the pearls of this country. Or maybe you’d like to experience the heritage of Rajasthan’s grandeur and the charm of India’s Southern delights; either way, you’re going to have an awesome time with your dad. And why not take along your family too! Wouldn’t it amazing to celebrate a fantastic holiday with the people who you truly love and care about!

Now that we’ve told just how amazing a Father’s Day holiday can be, how amazing would it be to do this every year? Think of all the new places you could take your dad to, how amazing these new experiences can be and how much he’d look forward to you whisking him away on a holiday every year. But isn’t planning a holiday a tedious task? Scour the internet for good destinations, then look for hotels and deal with rising room costs every year. How about some amazing holidays for the next twenty five years at some of the most scenic, relaxing resorts in India? Sounds good, right? That’s what Club Mahindra offers you. For the next twenty five years, you and your dad (Along with your family of course) can chart a new course in your lives by going someplace exotic! With 40 resorts located across India, you’ll have plenty of choice on where to celebrate Father’s Day!

That’s not all, with the monsoons on their way, experience rains in the nature’s heartland or in a tranquil and picturesque hill-station can be one of the mesmerizing occasions when time stands still and you let go of every thought to truly become one with nature!

Think about it – doesn’t you dad deserve all of this? Sure, he does. Give him the best holiday so far and make time to create one more of those magical moments with him that you’ll cherish forever.


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