Memorable get away for your entire family


The Club Mahindra Family Holiday packages offer its members and their families, a chance to experience ‘nature’ and live the ‘extraordinary’ at their family vacation resorts. The breath-taking architecture and hospitality of these family vacation resorts is an experience in itself.

 Club Mahindra New Logo

Some of the picturesque and magnificent resorts which are a part of the Club Mahindra Family Holidays packages help one to not only unwind but also feel at home and safe even in a foreign land.

And for all the adventurous souls, there is nothing better than the family adventure holidays planned by the Club Mahindra Family Holiday Packages. They have resorts carefully situated at beautiful locales and scattered over a wide belt of popular valleys, mountains and plains.

The Club Mahindra Family Holiday Packages offer a wide range of affordable and secure ways of planning one’s special occasions or Vacations. The packages are specially designed to suit the needs and desires for every member of the members’ family. Regardless of age and lifestyle, the holiday packages try to cater to the maximum of the Club Mahindra members’ expectations.


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