Club Mahindra – Social Activity Report

Activity Report

Description of Esops activity Date, venue and time Description of Esops activity Payment of unpaid fee amounting to Rs.73,200/- to Sankara Vidyalaya, Chennai through CONCERN of eight students of Xth and XIIth standards who were in the verge of not being allowed for writing exams for want of pending fee payment.
What arrangements were made to prepare for the program. Visited the school alongwith Mrs. Vasantha Soundararajan, Founder Secretary of CONCERN to Sankara Vidyalaya. Met Mrs. Bhuvaneswari, Principal of the school and also these students who were unable to make the fee payment. Their parents – who are labourers – had decided to discontinue the wards’ study due to their inability in their making the fee payment.
Some highlights of the activity that made memorable Acknowledgment from CONCERN with appreciation
Feedback from a beneficiary (person or NGOs) that the activity has helped. The eight children of standard X & XII of Sankara Vidyalaya, Chennai
Any other observation or point you’d like to bring up. CONCERN has appreciated the efforts from Club Mahindra who shouldered responsibilities of education of these children and conveyed thanks of the parents.

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