Club Mahindra – Exotic Vacations

Indians go for exotic vacations  

Gone are the days when Indians used to find solace and relief visiting their native villages and enjoy their much earned summer or winter vacation with their families and relatives. 

Emergence of nuclear families coupled with steep rise in incomes has changed the way Indians enjoy their holiday. 

“If we ever happen to go through the holiday brief or note of the children which they often submit to their class teachers after their summer and winter breaks nowadays, we would be at no wonder to find the vivid detail of the scenic and exotic place which they enjoyed with their parents,” Radhika Shastry, MD of RCI Group India, a non-hotel leisure accommodations said. 

“The Indian vacationer requirements have shifted rapidly during the past few years to something aspirational and luxurious,” she says. 

India is expected to be the third fastest growing country in the world in travel and tourism demand over the next ten years, according to the Pacific Asia Association. 

The growth potential along with the 19.8 per cent increase in the number of the members living in India with financial assets of more than $1 million versus 6.5 per cent growth worldwide is showing its impact in this sector, according to the Total Tourism Study by the Pacific Asia Travel Association. 

Real estate developers 

“The market for leisure real estate continues to grow globally and should gain momentum over the next few years”, says Kenneth May, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group RCI Global Vacation Network. 

Cashing in on the growing aspirations, real estate developers are also moving up the value chain leisurely offerings like chalets, villas and condominiums. 

The market for leisure real estate products such as CondoTels, fractional properties, mixed use hotels, traditional timeshare or destination clubs is emerging as one of the most profitable business globally. 

“Indians are not looking for a getaway alone but want the whole experience now including the food and lifestyle. Our country people are very fond of dining and we keep that in mind and give them a wholesome experience similar to that of five star,” says Aniruddha Haldar, Head Marketing, Club Mahindra Holidays. 

“Earlier we used to sell membership but now we try to create an entire experience and that is what adds to our competencies,” he points out. 

Along with a range of exotic international and Indian delicacies which the chefs create while serving personalized menus with a chance to discover the local regional tradition and lifestyle are what the present generation of vacationers are currently seeking.     


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