Lake Forest Resort Club Mahindra

Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud in Club Mahindra’s fold 

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd., (MHRIL) promoter of India’s leading lifetime holiday brand – Club Mahindra Holidays (CMH) has added the exotic, Lake Forest Resort – Yercaud, to its lengthy list of holiday locations. This Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud was originally a heritage bungalow of the British era dates back to the 1800s. This eco-friendly resort now comes under the umbrella of CMH’s Network Plus bouquet of resorts.    

Network Plus resorts’ is a strategic step forward by Club Mahindra Holidays according to which the company acquires hotels, resorts or rooms on long-term lease in exotic locations across India. These locations are chosen carefully and then leased keeping in mind, aspirations of CMH member families to spend quality time holidaying in some uniquely picturesque locations. The strategy also spells out Club Mahindra Holidays’ vision clearly, to continue adding more spectacular locations to their already lengthy list. The Network Plus resorts add variety to Club Mahindra’s own network of resorts which already exist across the country.   

About the new resort, Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan, Managing Director – Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd. said: “Club Mahindra Holidays has relentlessly toiled at making the holiday experience pleasurable. We not only take pride in being one of the best hospitality experts in the industry but we constantly add to our success every single time. This time the addition is the Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud. Our concept of Network Plus hotels is working wonders with our members and we are constantly finding new and better locations to provide them unforgettable holidays.”   

The Lake Forest Resort, Yercaud which is closer to Salem is situated amidst live coffee estates on the bunds of the famous Yercaud Lake and is a perfect family holiday destination. It is a quiet little hill station on the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern ghats. The name is a derivative of Tamil ‘Yeri-lake’ and ‘Kaadu-forest.’ While the rest of this region is generally dry, Yercaud presents a welcome contrast with its cool climate.   

The most talked about and visited spot on this hill station is the refreshing Yercaud lake, located at a stone’s throw from the Lake Forest Resort. There are many other breathtaking sites and viewpoints like the Lady’s seat, the Servaroyan Temple, the Kiliyur Falls etc. Lake Forest Resort also arranges for various outdoor activities like wildlife trekking, bird watching and other sightseeing trips to allow you to explore the variety of flora and fauna that the hill station offers.   

There is as much beauty inside the resort as there is in the surroundings. Club Mahindra’s Lake Forest Resort is aesthetically designed displays majestic architecture. The interiors of the resort are adorned by lovely antique furniture making the stay nostalgic and longing.    

The stay at the resort comes with host of other facilities like library, internet and access to various indoor games. The multi-cuisine restaurant in the resort offers traditional cuisine which is full of the traditional local flavours.


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